Our School

The school is located in the lush green surroundings of Loewen Gardens. The school’s building is a single story building that is enclosed in its own-gated surroundings. It has a total floor area of 309.92 m2 with eight classrooms, one reception area and toilets for the physically challenged and common toilets for the general public.

Our Programs

Early Years

In Early Years we ensure that each pupil’s personal priority needs are the starting point to their education, these are developed through individual learning plans.

The program comprises planned activities that promote learning, personal growth and independence as well as developing interpersonal skills, such as teamwork, turn-taking and sharing. Students begin to learn the importance of taking care of themselves and their belongings by unpacking and packing their own bags each day, putting away their belongings, learning to dress and undress themselves, and be aware of personal hygiene and safety. Students enjoy numerous specialist classes such as library, art, physical education, music and the kitchen – garden program.


The Foundation program key area of focus is to develop language and communication skills. We strive to integrate the students into the school by using their existing strengths to develop a program in conjunction with parents, therapists and specialist staff that is appropriate for the individual’s needs. Literacy and the development of speaking and listening, early reading and writing are designed around the Semesters scope and sequence “theme’ for the term and the use of storytelling, story writing and reading ‘Big Books’. Numeracy covers a wide range of activities including understanding of number, measurement and space at an individual’s level of understanding. Cooking, science and technology are an important part of the understanding of maths in a practical sense as the students are guided in weighing, measuring, time taken to complete a task and the calculations of recording the processes..


The Pathways sub school caters for students between the ages of 10 to 14. The staff use our arts-based visual and performing arts program to plan and implement methods that meet the needs of all our students.

A team based approach using the expertise of teachers and therapists offers extensive experience in planning a program that supports student communication and aims to develop independent living skills.

Literacy and numeracy are a regular timetabled series of lessons within the Semesters scope and sequence for each week. The focus in literacy is on communication, awareness of print, and developing understanding of multiple ways to communicate. Numeracy covers such topics as number, space, time, and money.

Socialization programs within this area of our school also include developing concepts of self and how to interact positively with others, this is done through community outings, camps, and independent living programs such as cooking at The Pantry and gardening. Swimming will also be included in weekly sessions and visits to Riding for the Disabled (RDA) Singapore.