MSIS visits the Singapore Zoo

The MSIS team participate at the SPD Ability Walk 2018
MSIS and White Lodge brave rain at annual SPD Ability Walk 2018
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Daily Living Excursions at MSIS

A trip to the zoo sparks curiosity in the children and allows for exploration and self- discovery. MSIS visited the Singapore Zoo on September 8th, accompanied by friends and families.

It was Zoo Zoom Day at the Singapore Zoo, which is the only day when we cruise around the park with our non-electric mobility devices like bicycles and scooters.


The children with their families arrived at school early in the morning and took a bus ride to the Singapore Zoo. They were welcomed by the Sportcares staff and Team Nila volunteers who helped them with the registration. There were lot of activities planned for the children at the zoo.

The day started off with an active workout at Pavilion by the Lake followed by a Splash Safari show. The children had a great time watching the high energy antics of the sea lions. The highlight of the day was watching the elephants at work and play in their rainforest habitat alongside their mahouts.

These life skills trip enhance language development, promotes family bonding and encourages environmental awareness and hands-on learning in children. We thank all our friends and families who joined us and made it an eventful day for the children.