Daily Living Excursions at MSIS

MSIS visits the Singapore Zoo
MSIS hosts first Science Fair
Buying food at hawker centre

Daily Living excursions is all about getting the children out in public, communicating with people outside their preferred circle and get their needs met.

We at MSIS  believe that life-skills trip not only provide a great learning experience but also increases the child’s confidence and independence.

Consistent routines are essential inside a classroom but a field trip will enhance their social and behavioural skills. It gives them the opportunity to equip themselves for what lies beyond the classroom. These trips develop personal, social, academic and vocational skills in children and they recognise and appreciate self-awareness and rational awareness.

We ensure that the children are not only provided a consistent learning environment focused on the basic living skills and academic tasks but are also taken for fortnightly visits to the National Library, Chinese Garden, the Enabling Village, Singapore zoo, Tiong Bahru bakery and the  hawker centres.

They also get to watch a movie together and walks around Loewen Gardens and Dempsey Hill. These trips have encouraged children to be independent and improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.


Discovering new places adds to their learning and experience. At a recent visit to the Tiong Bahru bakery and hawker centre the children learnt to sit, read the menu, decide on what to eat and order their food.

The teachers and therapists at MSIS develop set of techniques to be implemented on these life skills trip that makes it an enjoyable, comfortable and a memorable experience for the children.