MSIS hosts first Science Fair

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Welcome to the MSIS Science Fair   At MSIS, you know we are all about the visual and performing arts.  We also focus on academics, social skills and independent living skills.  We also have a group of older student’s doing pre-vocational training, to get them ready for jobs later in life. The academics we focus on at MSIS are primarily English and Maths.  We want all of our academics to be practical and useful for our students in the real world.  Along with this we also want to foster, encourage and satisfy the curiosity our students have.  By adding history lessons, social studies, current events, and of course science lessons, we help to foster and satisfy our student’s curiosity about the world around them.   Science booth at MSIS Science Fair The highlight of this week is our school’s very first Science Fair. The students worked very hard to prepare for this special day.  They made posters and even making small gifts for parents. Pathways 3 displayed their top three experiments and inventions this term which were the Buoyancy Experiment, Volcano Explosion and Recycled Paper projects. Student participating in MSIS Science Fair Family and friends attend MSIS event   Our families got to take their time and enjoy each of the booths from all five classes at MSIS.  Each exhibited activities the students have been enjoying at MSIS, and are at a developmental level which is appropriate for each class.   Students enjoying the Science FairVarious booths set up at the Science Fair