Director’s Welcome

Jayne Nadarajoo

Founding Director of Melbourne Specialist International School and White Lodge Education Group Services

Jayne is a highly experienced educator with over 20 years of work experience. She has a Masters in Teaching and Learning from Ireland together a Diploma in Child Psychology ,advanced studies in Early Childhood Care and Education , Autism and Speech and Educational Drama. She is a member of the International Association for Special Education in the US and is actively involved in supporting the less fortunate.

The passionate early childhood educator believes in doing things differently. As a young mother, she realised that early childhood education tends to focus on academic excellence, with little emphasis on longer term intellectual and emotional growth. Not satisfied with how children were being nurtured in schools, Jayne took the bold step of starting her own kindergarten, with her then three-year-old son, Saktish, as her first student. After her daughter Kenisha, and son Saktish both graduated from White Lodge, with the experience of “the world is a classroom” learning environment and benefited from this learning style, Jayne was motivated to provide a similar and equally all-encompassing learning environment in all the White Lodge kindergartens.

White Lodge is known for its commitment to creative, pre-school education in Singapore. Celebrating its 19th year, White Lodge has expanded to 10 kindergartens in Singapore and Malaysia.

It has been Jayne’s personal goal to open an outstanding special needs school in Singapore. As an advocate for special needs integration, White Lodge welcomes a few children with learning difficulties during each term. These children thrive in their school environment and achieve much success by being in a small school setting. However, the next school placement to an international school is most challenging due to the lack of availability in Singapore. This led Jayne to launch Melbourne Specialist International School. It is her wish to offer all children an excellent education, regardless of their learning abilities and circumstances.

“At MSIS, we discover and nurture the strengths of a child with special needs rather than focus on their disability. Every child should be valued as they have the potential to contribute to society.

Ganesh Kanapathy

Ganesh Kanapathy is a trained professional formerly from the Singapore Armed Forces. He has many years of experience in logistics and manpower management and served the nation for more than 15 years where he held various command roles. This presented him with the opportunity to enhance his people management skills. He joined the company in 2006 and has a Masters in Business Administration from the UK together with a Diploma in Child Psychology and Counselling .Ganesh has been an extraordinary leader in the development of both White Lodge Education Group Services and Melbourne Specialist International School.

Ganesh has strong leadership skills and is actively involved in Council work that he enjoys.