The school is located in the lush green surroundings of Loewen Gardens. The school’s building is a single story building that is enclosed in its own-gated surroundings. It has a total floor area of 309.92 m2 with eight classrooms, one reception area and toilets for the physically challenged and common toilets for the general public.

Requirements for enrolment

Melbourne Specialist International School welcomes enrolments at all levels throughout the year. We aim to ensure that all students experience a smooth transition into the school with a minimum of disruption and maximum support, and encourage all new families to visit the school before your child begins.

To enrol your child you need to fill out a student application form, pay the registration fee and provide the school with information about your child, including:

1. Evidence of your child’s date of birth, e.g. Birth certificate

2. Immunisation status certificate

3. Medical diagnosis

4. Health and welfare information

5. Your child’s travel options, e.g. Private car, school bus etc.
All enrolments will also require the completion of the Melbourne Specialist International School privacy notice. One your application has been received your child will be invited to spend a day with us. After this trial you will be notified in writing of the success of your application including a written report.

Requirements for graduation

Students at MSIS are assessed qualitatively. The student reports will contain a description provided by the school, on the personal qualities of the student. The assessment will capture the student’s strengths as an individual, as well as the areas where he/she has displayed growing maturity or development. Students who complete schooling with MSIS until the age of 18 receive a Certificate of Graduation.