Our Staff and Teachers

Daryl Duane Van Hale

– Principal

  • Bachelor of Science – Valley City State University, USA
  • Associates Degree in Developmental Disabilities – Minot State University, USA

Laurente Marivic Molina

– Senior Teacher

  • Bachelors in Physical therapy

Venkataraman Sasi Rekha

– Lead Teacher

  • Masters of Science in Psychology

Anis Fathima Solarajar Abdul Kader

– Co-Lead Teacher

  • Diploma in Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology

Mirza Lubna

– Lead Teacher

  • Bachelors in Education (Special Education)

Namrata Sule

– Lead Teacher

  • Bachelor of Education(Special Education)

Clairah Selva Nathan

– Senior Teacher

  • Bachelors in Childhood Studies & Disability Studies

Nur Amalina Binti Ohrallayali

– Lead Teacher

  • Bachelors in Psychology

Nur Afiqah Farhanah Binte Zainal Abidin

– Co-Lead Teacher

  • Bachelor in Psychology

Krithika Venkatraman

– Lead Teacher

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education
  • Master of Education (Special Education)

Aneesa Ansari

– Paediatric Physio Therapist

Dr Radika Vasudeva

– Speech and Language Therapist

Esther Tan

– Drama Specialist

Kristen Romain and Team

– Aquatic and Swimming Specialists

Rebecca Shanhun

– Dance and Movement Specialist

Kenneth Ngo

– Music Instructor

Shrimathi Swaminathan

– Clinical Psychologist

Choi Chi Mei Yoko

– Art Therapist

Tiago Chan

– Speech and Language Therapist






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