Sarah So, Pathways 4 Transition 5 & 6

  Sarah So at Jones the Grocer

Sarah started schooling at MSIS in January 2018.  Currently Sarah is in Pathways 4 Transition 5 & 6, where she is focuses on life skills, social skills and vocational training.  She also works on the academics that support these other three areas. Sarah is doing her vocational training in the pastry kitchen at Jones the Grocer in Dempsey, and gets to design and make various kinds of cakes and cupcakes, pies and pastries. She also loves to jump on the trampoline, and makes time to do so every day.  We work on social skills at MSIS, and there is always social time, and social games built into every day, to help the students interact with the people around them. We’ve also found that Sarah is able to understand concepts and patterns well and she enjoys Maths very much. Her math skills transfer well to her job training, as measurements and counting are very important in a kitchen. Sarah is always so excited to go to work, she is hopping, skipping and singing each day we walk over to the restaurant.  She is such a hard worker, and needs to be reminded to take breaks.  She really enjoys this position and is always happy to finish her break and get back to the work area.

– David and Kamoiwan Wiemken