Together we are… Transforming the Lives of Children with Special Needs


“I love coming to school as I get to see my friends and we all have lunch together.”

My name is Pio and I am 15 years old. I have been at MSIS for 5 years.

This place is very special to me and offers dance, music and art, amongst other subjects. Drama is my favourite because every year we have a different production. Last year we performed the Sound of Music and this year we will be doing Puss in Boots. I will be playing the part of the King!

Art is one of my other favourite subjects too. In our last art class, we told stories about the holidays and drew pictures.


“I am always excited to go to my work experience; hopping, skipping and singing along the way”.

I have been at MSIS for two years. I’m currently in Pathways 4, Transition 5 & 6, where I focus on life skills, social skills and vocational training. I also work on the academics that support these other three areas. I enjoy Maths very much and I can understand concepts and patterns. My math skills transfer well to my job training as measurements and counting are very important in a kitchen. I am doing vocational training at a nearby cafe in Dempsey, where I get to design and make various kinds of cakes and cupcakes, pies and pastries. I enjoy my job and I’ve even been told that I’m a hard worker.