Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Melbourne Specialist International School (MSIS), a school for students with special needs. At MSIS we pride ourselves in being inclusive. Students who come to us have found it difficult to adapt to the educational and social demands of mainstream facilities. Some have unidentifiable learning disorders. MSIS develops its student’s individual capabilities through the delivery of a Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Programme. Here we use the disciplines of Dance, Music, Art and Drama as the tool to teach our students functional Numeracy, Literacy and Independent Living Skills.

The student programs at MSIS are influenced and informed by a range of professionals. Classroom Teachers, Specialists Teachers in the area of Dance, Music, Art and Drama work with Therapists within a shared co-teaching environment. That is, the therapists work in the classroom to demonstrate and teach staff how to use appropriate therapy approaches with your children. This enables professional skills and knowledge to be imparted to the class teacher. The teacher is then able to utilise therapy strategies consistently throughout the day and week to meet the individual needs of all the students in their classes.

Students access the input of this range of disciplines based on their priority needs. These priorities may change at different points of a student’s life and circumstance. Each students’ progress, priorities, needs, and services are reviewed at the Students Support Group (SSG) meeting twice per year.

At MSIS we place a major emphasis on the teaching and learning environment which exists both within and outside the classroom environment. Every opportunity we have with your child we see as a teachable moment.

Please take a moment to explore our website and contact us for a tour to hear more about our school.

Sukhbinder Colebourne

Principal – Melbourne Specialist International School